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Licensed Therapist & Counseling in Bergen County NJ

Reframe Your Perspective
Feel better about yourself and learn to cope with your life’s challenges more effectively
Nancy Fish LCSW, MPH

Depression Therapy and Emotional Support in Bergen County


The qualities that I feel are most important in a therapist are warmth, insight, and the ability to engage with clients. The most important element in the client’s healing process is the chemistry and relationship with a therapist. If you are able to truly emotionally connect with your therapist, that is half the battle. You should always relate to your therapist when you feel your sessions are helpful or unhelpful.

I am a trauma-informed therapist and use an integrated approach, incorporating psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and sensorimotor psychotherapy. I am not EMDR or IFS certified but incorporate these modalities into my practice. I help clients reframe the way they view problematic aspects of their life. I also provide clients with a variety of coping strategies to decrease depression, ease anxiety, and increase emotional regulation.

I also have expanded my practice and conduct teletherapy sessions with clients who are unable to come to my office.

My office is handicapped accessible.


Anxiety and Stress Relief Counseling in Bergen County

My job is not to cure you, but to give you the tools
so you can cope with your areas of difficulty in a more productive way.

Building Resilience and Mental Clarity in Bergen County NJ

Therapy Services
If you suffer from sadness, fatique, poor self-esteem or other symptoms of depression, I can help you to both explore and understand your past and how it’s affecting you now, as well as develop healthy habits to elevate your mood.
If you suffer from fear, panic, angst or other symptoms of anxiety, I can help you to both understand your triggers and blind spots, as well as provide you with tools and techniques for relaxation and mental clarity in your life.
Life can be hard and unexpected things happen. I can help you to build your inner strength and resilience so you can face your life with confidence by learning tools and techniques that will help you deal with stress and pressure.